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Posted on Tuesday March 15, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Italian Posters and Postcards from World War One

This collection features circa 63 Italian posters and postcards from the World War One period. These illustrated posters and postcards are important historical documents and often brilliant pieces of art.

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The collection includes illustrated as well as text only posters aimed at various purposes. Most of them are propaganada posters (for example 'In memoria delle innocenti vittime della barbarie austriaca') and war bond posters (for example 'La Banca Commerciale Italiana riceve le sottoscrizioni alla nuova rendita consolidata 5%') commonly urging wartime thrift, and were vocal in seeking funds from the general public via subscription to various war bond schemes. A

Among the propaganda posters worth mentioning is a satyric poster ' L'Europa nel 1915' which shows the caricature of the European map in 1915. There are also many postcards depicting the war atrocities (for example 'L'isola dei morti-Fagare di Piave Decembre 1917'), and trenches warfare (for example 'Alpini all'assalto con la protezione di Cristo').

Provided by: National Library of Rome, Italy