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Posted on Wednesday March 30, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Italian Monographs and Newspapers from the World War One Period

This collection of the National Library of Italy in Florence (partner of the Europeana Collections 1914-1918 project), comprises material from the First World War period.

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Including monographs about the war, health care, military operations and several interesting propaganda materials such as an edition from the Cesare Battisti School (Catania) published to commemorate the anniversary of the war. Most of the items included in this collection are newspapers that played an important role during 1915, prior to Italy entering the war on the allied side.

For example, you can find the following newspapers included in the collection: Il fascio studentesco per la guerra e per l'idea nazionale: La Guerra sociale: settimanale, anarchico, interventista: La Guerra, etc. The following anti-war movement/proletarian papers are also represented: Guerra di classe; Sorgete!, etc.

There are several trench journals which, by means of their wit and black humour present a unique selection of wry, humorous and poignant inclusions from Italian soldiers. Journals with a purpose of describing the bloody war in Europe and peoples’ thoughts at the time include: Annali della Grande Guerra; Lettere di soldati e bollettini ufficiali di guerra diari della nostra santa guerra; La guerra illustrata. Discover an extensive record of the war as well as illustrations and photographs taken during this period.

The collection includes newspapers aimed to inform about the effects of the war, especially by way of economics, finance, industry and society.

Provided by: Central National Library of Florence