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Posted on Wednesday January 20, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Italian and foreign pamphlets from the First World War period

Italian and foreign pamphlets from the First World War period.This collection collects 90 Italian and some foreign pamphlets from the WW1 period. Many of these publications narrate specific military campaigns with maps and battlefield descriptions.

Much of the content can be considered homeland propaganda as it was intended to solidify civilian support of the war in spite of the hardships and the diversion of resources caused to the general population. Some of these pamphlets were also an important tool of war campaigning towards soldiers.

Worth mentioning for instance is the pamphlet "Al soldato d'Italia perchè ricordi" with dramatic photographs of the Italian prisoners aimed to incite revenge. This collection also documents the changing role of women’s labour during wartime (see: Per convincere le donne alla Guerra) as well as women’s civilian and military contributions to the war effort. In addition, this collection offers the drawings by the greatest chronicler of German brutality and militarism, the most famous anti-German propagandist of the Great War: Raemaekers (Netherlands 1869). The use and result of what is recognised as modern warfare are documented in these publications.