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Posted on Thursday January 14, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

High resolution Public Domain images from Statens Museum for Kunst

Over 5,000 public domain artworks, all with links to high quality image files
main image

This dataset was added to Europeana in December 2015 and contains many beautiful artworks from this Danish museum, all openly licensed.

Using the new media metadata methods in both the API and the Europeana website we can filter these to just those with direct links to good quality media files, which as of January 2016 consists of over 5,000 images over 1 megapixel (as a guide, typically more than 1200 pixels along the longest edge), of which nearly 2,000 are over 4 megapixels. The image shown above is a detail from an original image, directly available for download and through the API, measuring 3005 x 3588 pixels.

Image: Detail from Bruden smykkes af sin veninde, 1859, by Henrik Olrik. Statens Museum For Kunst, Denmark. CC0.

Provided by Statens Museum for Kunst