Posted on Friday October 9, 2015

Updated on Wednesday November 15, 2017

Colada PHP Client Library

This client library for PHP was developed independently by Matthias Vandermaesen.

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It is a library of classes and functions which abstract Europeana's REST API, making it easier for PHP developers to create new applications.. The aim is to lower the bar for developers because they can reuse the data right away, instead of first having to figure out how to connect to the API.


  • It's a generic library, meaning that it can be reused in a plethora of popular PHP frameworks: Drupal, Laravel, Symfony, Silex, Slim PHP ...
  • PSR-4 & PSR-2 compliant.
  • Uses Guzzle as a HTTP client, but can be changed to other implementations via a generic Client interface.
  • Abstracts the API to a high level 'transport - payload - response' model.
  • JSON de/serialization via JMS Serializer
  • Supports PHP 5.4 and up.
  • PHPUnit tested.

The source code and documentation is available on Github ( and more information about the project can be found on this blog post from Matthias.

Matthias invites contributions from developers such as code additions, feedback, bug fixes, etc. as Github issues or pull requests.