Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

Updated on Tuesday January 16, 2018

1960’s and 1970’s Norway in photographs

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Title: Kristenruss.
Creator: Rigmor Dahl Delphin
Date: 1963
Institution: Oslo Museum
Kristenruss. Rigmor Dahl Delphin. 1963. Oslo Museum. CC BY-SA

Discover a collection of over 1,000 black-and-white and colour pictures by Norwegian photographer Rigmor Dahl Delphin (1908-1993). Delphin worked as a photographer in the weekly magazine Alle Kvinner and her negatives archive was transferred in 2005 to Oslo City Museum by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Alle Kvinner’s publisher.

Explore striking photographs that show events (including fashion and musical happenings) and portraits of local celebrities (actresses, musicians and politicians) and anonymous people in the1960's and 1970's. 

Provided by the Oslo Museum.