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How do we know we are making a difference?

Working in the cultural heritage sector is all about working towards making a difference in the people who visit and use our products and services. We believe that we are all better off if we understand how the things we do every day, week and month contribute to bringing about a change in people's lives.

If you are a director or a museum, library or archive, a cultural innovator or someone with an interest in impact in the sector, we want to help you better understand your impact.  Our impact playbook helps you to do this.

Working with cultural heritage professionals and experts across the world, we’ve developed the playbook: a step by step approach to help you identify your impact. On this website you’ll find the Impact Playbook and plenty of resources and examples we have developed to help you better understand your impact.  

Impact Case Study - Europeana 1914-1918

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Get involved, learn & share

Our impact work is a collaborative effort. We wouldn't have got this far without the contributions of the many cultural heritage professionals and impact professionals we have worked with. If you want to get involved, learn a bit more about impact or share your experiences there are plenty of opportunities for you to do that. 

Check our the task force or join the impact community for cultural heritage professionals.

A linkedin community for sharing & learning about impact in cultural heritage

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Impact TaskForce: Guiding the development of the Impact Assessment toolkit

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The latest news about impact

Read more about what's happening around impact in the cultural heritage sector

AGM 2017 in Milan: Network Association's highlights of 2017 and priorities for 2018

AGM 2017 in Milan: Network Association's highlights of 2017 and priorities for 2018

On 6 December, 200 members of the Europeana Network Association gathered in Milan on the occasion of the AGM 2017, dedicated to the impact culture has on society. We would like to thank all of you who came and made this event a real success!

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Impact insights 2017

Impact insights 2017

Read about how we tested the impact toolkit on Europeana and our partners to develop a better understanding of our impact in 2017

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Developing the impact toolkit

Developing the impact toolkit

Read about the work behind the scenes developing the impact toolkit in 2017

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