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Posted on Thursday July 27, 2017

Print and web templates

Make Europeana-style banners, flyers, posters and more

The tools below can be used and adapted for your own Europeana-related project. If you have any questions or would like some feedback on your designs, please contact us.

    Web banner

    A web banner provides a call to action on a webpage. It uses all the key aspects of the Europeana brand identity - a hero image, ripples, a logo and a title box.

    Only full page banners need a credit for the hero image. For smaller banners, please add a ? button, which, when clicked on, expands to show the full credit box. See the ‘Images and giving credit’ section for more details.

    Examples of half and square banner

    Flyers, folders, posters

    For promotional material such as flyers, folders or posters, you can use our Adobe InDesign templates.

    For the hero image on a flyer or folder, browse Europeana Collections for images that have lots of detail, are relevant to your subject and are reusable (use the ‘Can I use this?’ filter).

    For posters, always use striking imagery (with credit), the ripples and brand colours, and the ‘Basic’ or ‘Extended’ logo. Poster templates come in four sizes: A3, A2, A1 and A0.

    Flyer example and template

      Poster examples and template layout


      Roll-up banner

      Always use striking imagery (with credit), the ripples and brand colours, and the ‘Split’ logo.

      Examples of roll-ups



      The Europeana presentation template uses the free downloadable fonts Ubuntu and Open Sans, so make sure these are installed on the device on which the presentation is given, not just on the USB carrying your presentation.

      The presentation is available in two versions, one with a 4:3 ratio and a widescreen (16:9) version so please make sure to pick the right ratio for your device.

      Example of presentation slides

      We also have ready-made ‘Essentials’ presentations containing up-to-date general information on Europeana to incorporate into your presentations.

      Resources - Europeana presentation template

      Resources - Europeana Essentials presentation