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Europeana V3.0

Europeana version 3.0

Europeana v3.0 is a project under the ICT PSP Work Programme with the aim to provide the majority of the funding required for the continued functioning and development of the Europeana central services and the Europeana Network.

Posted on Sunday March 1, 2015

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

1 June 2013 to 31 May 2015
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The project will facilitate the operation and development of Europeana for enriched metadata, digital objects and improved functionalities for the access and use of cultural resources; achieve better coordination and enlargement of the network of contributing organizations; create higher acceptance and usage rate among stakeholders and general public; and accomplish closer collaboration with the cultural and creative industries for the re-use of cultural resources.

Activities include the expansion and coordination of the 2,200 network of contributing organizations, the enhanced ingestion and management of enriched metadata and digital objects, the promotion of Europeana services, further development of Europeana into a digital service infrastructure, new audience driven channels and closer collaboration with the creative industries.The Europeana Foundation will coordinate the Europeana Network, nurture existing relationships and build new partnerships in a spirit of cooperation and mutuality. Europeana v3.0 will make additional efforts to reach out to underrepresented cultural sectors, Member States and non-European Member States relevant to European cultural heritage.


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