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2 minutes to read Posted on Wednesday July 10, 2019

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Nicholas Jarrett

Nicholas Jarrett

Senior Marketing Manager , Europeana Foundation

Europeana 2019 - Meet our speakers - Frédéric Kaplan

Over the next few months we’ll be introducing you to the exciting keynote speakers we have lined up to appear at Europeana 2019: Connect Communities. First up is Professor Frédéric Kaplan, digital time traveller extraordinaire.

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Frederic Kaplan
Sebastiaan Ter Burg
Europeana Foundation

Frédéric Kaplan conducts research projects combining archive digitisation, information modelling and museographic design. He directs the Venice Time Machine, an international project in collaboration with the Ca’Foscari University in Venice and the Venice State Archives, aiming to model the evolution and history of Venice over a 1,000 year period. This project led to The Time Machine, which brings together over 400 institutions from 33 European countries, including Europeana. Revolutionising the way we experience European history and culture, the project is an international collaboration to build a map of European history that spans thousands of years and turns it into a living social and economic resource.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), new tools to interpret and visualise big data, and crucially making that infrastructure available to anyone who needs it, the project is a perfect fit for Europeana and the challenges we are working on collectively. Read more about Europeana and The Time Machine.

Frédéric is also well known for founding OZWE, one of the world’s leading studios in immersive gaming, has presented at TED Talks and TEDx Talks, provided Europeana with his perspective on the future of digital cultural heritage as part of our 10th anniversary and participated in exhibitions at several leading museums including the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Grand Palais and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Prof Kaplan currently holds the Digital Humanities Chair at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), directs the EPFL Digital Humanities Laboratory, and has published more than a hundred scientific papers, eight books and 10 patents. 

Frédéric’s keynote will invite you to take a journey through time with him by learning what the Time Machine project is about, how it relates to the Europeana Initiative and how you can benefit from it. To hear what he has to say, book your ticket now and join us in Lisbon at Europeana 2019. 

Europeana 2019 is proving to be very popular and only 10 early-bird tickets are remaining. We expect these to sell out shortly so book yours today to benefit from the discounted price of €175.