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Portrait of Tomás Nedved

Tomás Nedved

Project Lead VRCOT s.r.o. Czech Republic Creative industries

My name is Tomas Nedved, and I represent the development studio VRCØT based in the Czech Republic. I'm one of the studio's founders and work here as a project lead. Together with our sister organizations – strategic creative agency Little Greta and NGO Historia Futurae – we create virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects.

One of our foundational projects is the immersive exhibition Behind the Wall. Using mobile and AR technologies, we aim to tell the tragic story of the prison in Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic, where many anti-fascist fighters and innocent Czech patriots were imprisoned, tortured, and even killed by the Nazis and later by the Communists.

We frequently work with non-profit organizations and the commercial sector and often deliver
projects involving education, history, design, and industrial heritage. We are constantly striving to establish new and exciting partnerships and contacts. We want to share our work with the general and professional public through Europeana and enrich our European
cultural heritage collection.