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I am an archive enthusiast and interaction designer - I have been working on creative reuse of archive projects since 2015 and a participant of several open GLAM events such as Europeana culture jam in Vienna 2016 with self initiated GLAM projects.

I use Creative Commons content frequently as a video editor and experimental musician, who has since 2021 been creating interactive Indian cultural heritage prototypes using digital fabrication technology:

In 2021 engaged with the revival and licensing issues of long lost archives from the E.A.T (Experiments in Arts and Technology 1960s-70s) that were presented as part of the "Vulnerable Archives" section of the Creative Commons 2021 hack4openglam chapter.
Along with Zachary Chan, a project tentatively titled "The Lost Voices: Challenges of Fading Access to Early Computers" is of current interest, in order to address media archeological and political impact of antiquated computer systems, such as their unretrieved data and obsolete hardware.