Portrait of Mr Gee

Mr Gee

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Mr Gee was perhaps best known as the "Poet Laureate" on Russell Brand's SONY award-winning Radio show, his work has been featured in the Times, The Guardian & the New Statesman. He's delivered two Tedx talks and his poetry was used to launch the 2021 Euros in London. He's presented several radio series: "Bespoken Word", "Rhyme & Reason" & "Poetic Justice" all on BBC Radio 4. He was the summit Poet-in-Residence for the Open Data Institute where he coined the phrase "Data Poetry": mixing the science of Data Analytics with the Artistry of poetry. In 2019 the Open Data institute commissioned Mr Gee’s first ever data artwork; “Bring Me My Fire Truck”, which explored the division of Brexit by using the limitations of Google Translate. It was showcased at the Tate Britain as a part of their 2020 “Blake Now” series."

Headshot by Arthur Hague