Portrait of Filip Šír

Network Association Member

Filip Šír

Network Association Member
Digitization of Sound Documents Coordinator National Museum, Prague Czech Republic > Museum

My name is Filip Šír. I am from Prague, Czech Republic. I work in the National Museum, Czech Republic. I am building new sound labs and also preparing a digitisation strategy of audio documents. In cooperation with private collector Gabriel Gössel, I published a discography about first Czech record label ESTA and new publication Recorded Sound in Czech Lands 1900-1946. I am co-author of the recomnendation on digitizing gramophone records for Czech memory institutions. In cooperation with Masaryk University, I lead collecting of information about sound collections in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The aim is to incorporate them into the Virtual National Phonotheque portal, agregator for sound documents. Besides, he leads the group of people dealing with issues of audio documents in Czech Republic. Filip is kind of pathfinder of sound documents preservation in his country.