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I’m from the country of the east, the country of sun, light, colours, history and the stories of thousand and One Nights.

With a burning passion for exploration, I love paint and its smell.

I was born in Baghdad and I live in Lausanne in Switzerland which I love very much.

I love colours, and I enjoy playing with them on the fabric of my paintings. Sometimes it’s canvas, others it’s a paper or even wood.

In my childhood I stood tall in front of clay and stone sculptures that were made by my Sumerian ancestors which today provide me with the treasure of inspiration.
Ancient symbols of an extinct world living on till this very day.
Inspired by them, I used layers of paint that I make appear ancient to help create the image of a long forgotten time.
Being a designer and having worked in the field of design and decor, has helped me create a painting that is whole, which bring painting, decor and design together.

I am a very anxious artist, maybe it is in my nature, that is why experimenting for me is a type of morphine that I use to reach new ideas and fantasies for my future projects. Each of my works allows the audience to see a unique technique and details that have been thoroughly studied. The audience can drown while admiring the details of the amount of obsessive hours that have been put into my artwork.

I do not hesitate in trying and discovering and I do not stop at one type of canvas or two, I worked on a wide range of types but I enjoy working on a wooden canvas the most, I feel like I am giving the tree it came from another chance to exist.
I erase its death and give it a part of my soul so it can live.
I also find that wood allows me to use a wider range of techniques and actually adds a beautiful feeling to the art.
At the beginning of my career I worked on calligraphy to become a calligrapher and then I joined realistic school of art where I worked on ancient Baghdad in its neighbourhoods and walls. At this stage I started reducing colour palate and then shape started to also get less pronounced.