Portrait of Etele Szüts

Etele Szüts

Head of the Digital Archive Development Department Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. Hungary Other

I obtained my degree ’Information Technology Engineer’ and ‘Master of Library and Information Scientist’ at the University of Pécs. I worked for the South Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Centre for three years as an information scientist librarian and media librarian. I participated in designing and launching the new, large database of the library called Baranyai DigiTár (Baranya County Database) that set off in the spring of 2011. I worked for the Research and Development Department of the Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute, first as a database archiver and later I was appointed Head of Department. Presently, I am the Head of the Digital Archive Development Department at Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. Forum Hungaricum is the national aggregator of Hungary.