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Portrait of Daniela Lavurovska

Daniela Lavurovska

A teacher of English language and literature Primary school Gorgi Sugarev Macedonia Education

I`m a professor of English language and literacy My experience in education is about eighteen years as a teacher. More than eight years working as a project coordinator and president of the school board at the primary school "Gorge Sugarev" -Bitola. I`m in charged for the project “Strenghtening of the multicultural cooperation in the municipality” After the inter cultural exchanges which was organized and supported by the Pestalozzi Foundation with 40 students in Trogen, Switzerland, the students gained an excellent education and practice on the subject of anti-discrimination and the rights of children through team work and practice. After the course training she will help in preparing of dissemination plan, translation of the data base, preparing the target groups and manage the agenda for the dissemination part as well as caring out the financial plan for each activity.
I`m already a member of the eTwinning platform and we collaborate with primary schools from all over Europe. We have successfully finished 5 projects and this academic year we are partners of two projects concerning English language "Funglish" and "The colors rainbow","Cultural Interactions via Friendship" (It is a real e-twining live cooperation between four countries Macedonia,Croatia,Turkey and Denmark. Our project's aim is to interact with children from other countries and get to know each other life styles and cultural activities. It is also helping the students to communicate foreign friends and improve their English. They share their experience about their daily life, their town, school, family, friendship, special days in their countries etc.). Thus we enhance the socialization, contacts and exchange of knowledge, cultures and customs. We use ICT tools, WEB2 tools, eTwinning, Skype and Edmodo platform for students, teachers and parents.
The Primary school " Gorgi Sugarev from Bitola,Republic of Macedonia is a public educational institution that started working in 1973 and since than for 45 years has successfully educated and raised children aged from 6-15 years. There are 644 students from different ethnic communities such as Macedonians Roma (which actually represent70% of all the students in our school) , Turks and Albanians. Within the school there is a special department for students with disabilities. Today, the school is actively involved in several projects at a national level such as the Project for Modernization of Education, USAID project for Youth Ethnic Integration in Education, USAID project for ethnic strengthening of the cooperation between the municipalities from the Pestalozzi Children's Foundation, UNICEF projects for mathematical and language literacy in the early grades, Inclusive Education Project, USAID Project for Professional and Career Development of Teachers, Integration of the ECO standards in the educational system of the Republic of Macedonia. The school collaborates with Swedish NGO Hand till Hand. As a result of all these activities our students have been awarded much recognition on local and national level. Civil initiatives and NGO`s that collaborate with our school contributes to:
* Reducing the number of students who prematurely left school through parents meeting
*Workshops of multi-ethnic character in honour of School Day, religious festivals etc. We are also active on the E-twinning platform for EU cooperation as well as E-twinning live. This stuff really need more inspiration to continue developing.