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Portrait of Abhay Adhikari

Abhay Adhikari

Founder Digital Identities Other

Abhay Adhikari is the founder of Digital Identities, a programme to create new models of engagement and social impact. This programme has been commissioned by organisations such as Google, the Guardian and Lloyds Bank. He has run Storytelling Labs in 13 countries, attended by participants from organisations such as: Coca-Cola, BMW, Rijksmuseum and Tate. Between 2014-19 he co-produced the Swedish Digital Identities programme, working with 23 Swedish cultural organisations. In 2019 he launched the Culture Lab in Bilbao (Spain). In 2021 he curated Das Relevante Museum and is currently working with Fonds Soziokultur to deliver the ReVision programme for the €30m Neustart Kultur grant. Abhay also leads the Care View project co-funded by the European Space Agency. He has spoken on digital culture and social impact at events such as Deutsche Welle Global Media Form (Bonn), International Journalism Festival (Perugia) and Battle of Ideas (London)