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Posted on Wednesday March 28, 2018

5 reasons why your boss should send you to EuropeanaTech 2018

Have you seen the line-up of speakers, panels and presenters at EuropeanaTech and thought ‘this is too good to miss’? Do you need to get your boss to sign it off?

If so, do not fear, because we’ve compiled a helpful list of why your boss should send you to EuropeanaTech so that you don’t miss out on the tech conference of 2018.

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1. Delegates will learn from world-leading experts in the field of Tech

Not only will you be hearing from people who have been there and done it all but you will be hearing from those at the forefront of their fields today. You’ll be able to take back to your workplace the latest understanding, techniques and theories, and the clarity to best apply them.

Show your boss the list of speakers so they can see this for themselves.

2. EuropeanaTech 2018 is a networking opportunity you can’t miss

EuropeanaTech 2018 is being held on the SS Rotterdam and we have designed the programme to give you many opportunities to network with your fellow shipmates. Not only will you have lots of chances to network with other innovators in Tech, but you will also have the opportunity to really focus in on specific areas in smaller groups with our Parallel Conference Tracks.

See the full programme of events.

3. Open your eyes to the work of your neighbours

We're all working towards the same goals, let's do it together. EuropeanaTech is a collaborative community, many of whom have the same goals and share the same problems. We believe we’re much stronger working together but sometimes it’s hard to get out of our boxes. EuropeanaTech 2018 is a fantastic opportunity to meet with, learn from and work with your peers. The impetus this will bring back to your day-to-day work could be invaluable.

4. Become part of the team

If you're new to EuropeanaTech this is your opportunity to be introduced to a long-standing community of collaborators. EuropeanaTech is a community of over 1,000 professionals working in the field of Tech, and Europeana is an even larger community with the mission to transform the world with culture. By signing up to EuropeanaTech 2018 you don’t just get two days of collaboration, learning and networking, but you become part of a much larger community dedicated to Tech in culture.

5. Good value

We believe the quality of line up for two days of innovation and future proofing is a bargain at under €185. What is more, we’re offering free workshops you can join on Monday 14th May at Europeana HQ in the Hague. Choose from a Wikidata workshop day or a IIIF showcase and workshop.

EuropeanaTech 2018 runs from 15-16 May 2018 at the SS Rotterdam. Find out more and book your tickets today.