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Posted on Wednesday March 21, 2018

Roles and responsibilities

We have three formal levels of management: Executive Director, Directors and Managers.

The Executive Director is responsible for leading the Europeana Foundation and its strategic direction and reports our progress to the Europeana Foundation Governing Board.

Directors are responsible for setting strategy, financial sustainability and positioning Europeana as a networked, innovative, trustworthy organisation.

Managers are responsible for the work of each of Europeana’s ‘business’ teams. As such they execute the plan of work specified in the annual Business Plan.

We also have Product Owners and Process Owners. Product Owners are responsible for specific products, like Europeana Collections or Metis. They create the product plans that represent the work of a scrum development team for the next 6-12 months. Process Owners are responsible for specific processes, e.g. managing the processing of the Data Exchange Agreements.

For specific projects and products we form ‘matrix’ teams, consisting of members from several business teams. All matrix teams need to have an appointed leader and the participation of each member must be signed off by their line manager.