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Posted on Thursday September 25, 2014


Answers to the most commonly asked project-related questions


How is Europeana funded?

Europeana is funded by grants from the European Union along with support from its Member States. From 2015 onwards, we are funded as a Digital Services Infrastructure (DSI) under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

How many projects are you taking part in?

This varies at any time, depending on project start and end dates, but generally we are partnered in between 5 to 10 projects and sub-contracted in 15 to 20 projects.

What kinds of projects are you involved with?

This varies, but generally we are involved in projects that align with our overall strategic goals which are: increasing the amount, quality and diversity of data on our platform; making data available as open as possible; and providing value for the European cultural heritage sector. Please see our Strategic Plan 2015-2020 for more details.

What is the difference between being a partner and a sub-contractor?

As a partner on a project, we take on a role of achieving tasks and contributing to the core objectives of the project. As a sub-contractor, our involvement is usually limited to harvesting data that a project produces and/or adding our expertise in designated areas, such as marketing, data modelling, multilingualism or search.

Image: Sailing ships in a harbour at sunrise, courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich, CC BY-NC-SA.

Proposal Stage

How do I involve Europeana in a European Commission project proposal?

If you think your project proposal can benefit our strategic plans, send us an email and we will review your proposal/idea to see whether and how we can be involved. Please do so as early as possible in your planning so we can assess your ideas with enough time for input and discussion.

I have technical expertise or a product that would be of interest to you. Who do I contact to discuss further?

Join our Network and specifically our Tech community to discuss and share your ideas.

How can Europeana support me in writing a proposal and making it successful?

We would be happy to advise, but please understand that we have limited resources and can only be involved with a limited amount of projects. In some cases, we would be able to send a letter of support. Send us an email for further information.

What do I need to consider in my project setup, if I intend to collaborate with Europeana during the project?

If you plan to provide data to Europeana during your project, it is important to read the Europeana Publication Policy and the Project Shift Guidelines beforehand. You should consider the requirements outlined and include them in your project plans.

Running Projects

Who do I contact for general questions or project admin regarding my project and Europeana?

Contact the Project Management team in the first instance and we will put you in touch with the right person.

What do I need to consider to prepare data to be submitted to Europeana?

Please get in touch as soon as your project starts by emailing us, so we can align ingestion schedules for your project. Please read the Europeana Publication Policy beforehand to prepare yourself accordingly.

What do I do when my project is nearing its end?

There are a few common situations you might find yourself in when your project ends, see the Project Sustainability Planning page for a full overview. Remember to start thinking about sustainability as early as possible and not just before the end of your project.

Image: Moored yachts silhouetted against a sunset, courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich, CC BY-NC-SA.