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Posted on Friday September 19, 2014

Natural History Education Pilot: Adventure Game

There are two Natural History Education Pilots which both use different models and approaches and target different audiences. The first of the products is an adventure game situated in a museum environment and designed as a first person hidden objects game

What: a first person hidden objects game
Aimed at: school children 12+, families, students, adults
Made by: Exozet Games

It takes place at the Museum für Naturkunde (MfN) and various other locations in Berlin, the National Museum in Prague and a secret island close to the Antarctic. The game tells a story about the secret legacy of Alexander von Humboldt including a mystery which needs to be unravelled by his descendant Sara. During her adventure, Sara needs to solve several puzzles and tasks to get all of the hints about where to find the pieces of a secret map and to discover the great secret that the completed map will reveal.

The educational aspects are built into the game in various ways – storyline, puzzles, object interaction, environment and additional information.

This game is developed by Exozet Games in collaboration with the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin and the National Museum in Prague. It uses a combination of content from the natural history and the history domain.

Adventure Game screencast by Exozet Games
(CC BY-ND Europeana Creative)
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Natural History Education Pilot: The Secret Legacy home screenNatural History Education Pilot: The Secret Legacy - collection
Screenshots of the Natural History Education Pilot: The Secret Legacy (CC BY-ND Europeana Creative)