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Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications team takes Europeana’s story out into the world to our different audiences - from professionals in the cultural sector to cultural enthusiasts, and from policymakers and politicians to creatives.

We develop and share the messages, tone of voice, branding and other tools that help us, our partners and the Europeana Network Association tell our unique story. We work together with our colleagues - across different teams and the Europeana Network Association - on everything from blogs and tweets to cross-platform campaigns. And we produce the digital documents that bring you our Business Plans and Annual Reports.

Helping you get your message out there

Talk to us early: as soon as you think that you want to reach one of our audiences (our partners, stakeholders, the Europeana Network Association or one of our key markets) that’s the point to involve the Marketing and Communications team. We can help you shape what you want to share and find the best approach and most relevant communication channels to get your message across.  

Europeana’s channels

Europeana uses different communication channels to talk to different audiences. If we can, we choose tools, apps and platforms that are free and open source. The Marketing and Communications team looks after most of Europeana’s own channels and can advise on the others, so please talk to us to discuss the most relevant channel for your message and content and how we can help you to promote it.

The channels we manage include the Pro blog (see section below), press releases and end-user newsletter (we have an external mailing list on Mailchimp), Twitter and Facebook. We also have social media accounts on Pinterest, tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Google+ and Buzzfeed. We experiment with new tools too, like Thunderclap, Periscope and Listicle. And we use hashtags across our channels, so that people can easily choose to follow what is happening.

If you would like to promote something through one of our social media channels, please get in touch with us. If you would like information or statistics about our reach on these channels or our campaigns, we can also provide those, but please give us some notice.

Internally, we use private communication channels including email, Basecamp and Slack. The list below notes who manages each of our communications channels:

Social media and analytics

  • Twitter (Aleks)
  • Facebook (Aleks)
  • Google Analytics (Aleks)
  • Tumblr (Aleks)
  • LinkedIn (Gina/Zuzana)
  • Pinterest (Aleks)


  • Pro Blog (Editorial Officer)
  • Slideshare (Editorial Officer) - profile only, individuals must upload their own slides
  • End-user blog (Adrian)
  • End-user newsletter (Aleks)

Publishing video content

  • Flickr (Aleks)
  • Vimeo (Aleks)
  • Youtube (Aleks)

Publishing and printing - please talk to the comms team to find out who can help with these.

  • Print
  • Collateral
  • Desktop publishing

Visual Design

  • Visual Design (Carlos for advice/direction on Europeana brand guidelines)

The blog writing/editing process - here to help

Europeana has two main blogs: an external-facing, end-user blog on Europeana Collections, and a cultural professional blog on Europeana Pro. End-user blogs highlight the unique nature of content in Europeana Collections and sit with the Collections team.

Europeana Pro blogs helps position Europeana as a force for innovation and positive change in the digital cultural heritage sector. Blogs highlight work done in the sector and open up discussion on issues relating to things like data quality or copyright or open data. As of September 2017, the Pro blog now includes the blogs for Europeana Research and Europeana Labs. The editorial responsibility for these lies with their respective teams.

The PR & Editorial Officer (Vacant position) leads on the strategic use of the Pro blog as a communications platform, and helps to ensure that blogs add value to the reader and support Europeana’s work. If you are considering a Pro blog post please talk to the PR & Editorial adviser as soon as possible.

If your blog is time sensitive then check the editorial calendar for publishing availability and to slot in your post’s publication date. The PR & Editorial officer oversees any clashes or gaps in the calendar. It is not uncommon for the calendar to be full a month in advance so please do keep that in mind.

Both the PR & Editorial Officer (Vacant position) and Editorial Adviser (Beth) will help make sure your blog adds value and reads well. When planning to write anything that will be shared externally you need to allow time for us to edit it before it’s published  - that could be for story, sense, language, grammar, and to fit with our tone of voice. Let us know as far in advance as possible when you plan to write something and once that’s agreed, share it with us in good time.

You can find more information about tone of voice and blogging on Pro on the Europeana brand page. 

Europeana campaigns

The Marketing and Communications team runs campaigns to present different aspects of Europeana’s work in unique and innovative ways.

Campaigns give concentrated exposure to Europeana’s work and content and Europeana as a brand. A campaign might engage different kinds of stakeholders (policymakers, our Network Association, cultural heritage institutions) to make them aware that something important is happening. Or they might promote user-facing projects like Europeana 280 (a campaign from 2016). For example #AllezCulture, Faces of Europe, #BigArtRide, #JumpingJacks, and the Wiki challenge.

They also provide messaging and text for external articles and promotional material.  

They track and measure the success of our campaigns, so please contact the Senior Online Marketing Specialist (Aleks) if you would like statistics, or further information about content and institutions that were involved.

Where can I find Europeana’s promotional materials/templates and other branding resources?

The resources you need to apply the Europeana brand to your work, both online and in print, can be found on the Europeana brand page. 

Tone of voice and writing resources

Start by looking at the presentation for editors. It includes the background about why we have an in-house writing style, and what that is (to summarise: welcoming, inspiring and intelligent). It also shows you how to avoid jargon, and has lists of common spellings and how we format writing, dates, numbers etc.

If you do a lot of writing, then it’s a good idea to print out the style cheat sheets and stick them somewhere you can reference them easily.

Europeana Communicators Group

This group brings together 50+ cultural heritage professionals with an interest in communications, marketing, PR and social media. The Marketing & Communications team send them a monthly email with news about Europeana campaigns, as well as tools and resources for comms/marketing/social media. For 2018, we hope to get this group involved in our campaigns in order to use their experience and expertise as well as ask them to share and promote our messages.

Trusted Bloggers scheme

They run a ‘Trusted Blogger’ scheme, in which we ask bloggers with an interest in arts, culture, history or education to include Europeana Collections content in their own blogs in return for visibility on the Europeana Collections blog homepage. If you know of someone we could approach to take part , please tell us!