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Working in the cultural heritage sector is all about making a difference to the people who visit and use our products and services. We believe that we are all better off if we understand how the things we do contribute to bringing about change. To help cultural heritage professionals grow this understanding, we have developed the Europeana Impact Playbook - a step by step approach to help you design, measure and narrate your impact. On this page you can download Phase one and Phase two of the Playbook, as well as find inspiration, practical resources and a community to develop and refine your impact practice.

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The Europeana Impact Playbook is a step by step approach to help you design, measure and narrate your impact. Phase one and Phase two are ready for you to download! Complete a short form, and we'll send you a download link.

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Title: impact exercise

Creator: Europeana


Resources for Phase One

Phase one of the Impact Playbook has six stages. They have everything you need to take your organisation through the process of impact assessment design. Below, we introduce the main tools that are used at different stages of the process, which you can download individually as PDFs.

Slide deck

An online slide deck that you can copy and download with all the tools you need in one place.

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Empathy Map

A collaborative tool that you can use to gain a deeper insight into your stakeholders

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Change pathway

A method for connecting the activities and outputs of an organization, with outcomes experienced by the stakeholder

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Pathway Builder

Documents the Change Pathway, identifies associated measurements and provides an example to get you started

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Strategic Perspectives

A tool which provides a strategic context for decision-making on what impact is to be measured and why that measurement is needed

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Value Lens

A tool that enables us to zoom in on a specific type of value attributable to activities, without being distracted by the bigger picture

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Watch our webinars to learn more about our approach to the Playbook and refine your impact practice.

Impact case studies

Explore case studies from impact assesments we have undertaken and from cultural heritage professionals implementing the Impact Playbook.  

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Title: Europeana Business Plan 2017 Workshop

Creator: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Date: 2016-05-17

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: Netherlands


Impact Community

We contribute towards the ongoing development of the Impact Playbook, advocate the benefits of impact assessment and support our members to develop and refine their practice.

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Title: TuEuropeana workshop: Myślenie Efektami - Klaudyna Schubert 2018 Poland



Professionals in Focus: Dafydd Tudur

Title: Dafydd Tudur leading a discussion at Europeana2019 - Connect Communities, CC-BY-4.0

Creator: Sebastiaan Ter Burg

Date: 27-29 November 2019

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: Netherlands

Professionals in Focus: Dafydd Tudur

Created: 26 March 2020

In our ‘Professionals in Focus’ series, we speak to our Councillors about their roles, working lives and plans for their time on the Members Council. This month Dafydd Tudur, Head of Access and Public Programmes at The National Library of Wales, discusses the importance of understanding users, change at the Library and getting involved in Europeana initiatives.