Working in the cultural heritage sector is all about making a difference to the people who visit and use our products and services. We believe that we are all better off if we understand how the things we do contribute to bringing about change. To support cultural heritage professionals to grow this understanding, we have developed the Europeana Impact Framework, at the core of which you can find the Europeana Impact Playbook, webinars, impact assessments and the Europeana Impact community. Explore and use them below!

Download the four-phased impact playbook

The Europeana Impact Playbook is a step by step approach to help cultural heritage professionals design, measure and narrate their impact. Download the four phases of the Playbook, and explore accompanying resources from each phase to support your impact practice.

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Watch our webinars to learn more about our approach to the Playbook and refine your impact practice.

Case studies

As a cultural heritage professional you know the work you and your institution delivers has impact - but how do you prove it? Explore examples of our own impact assessments on activities in the Europeana Initiative.

Impact Community

We contribute towards the ongoing development of the Impact Playbook, advocate the benefits of impact assessment and support our members to develop and refine their practice.

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TuEuropeana workshop: Myślenie Efektami - Klaudyna Schubert 2018 Poland


Kick-starting the development of the impact toolkit
Resident impact expert, Prof Simon Tanner, entertaining us with stories of impact
Harry Verwayen

Kick-starting the development of the impact toolkit

Created: 21 April 2017

Impact is a hot topic for Europeana this year! It is embedded in every element of our Business Plan, and became the focus of a new Task Force. Our goal, and it is a tough one, is to make it easier for Cultural Heritage Institutions to understand and express the impact of their activities.

Explore terms used in the Europeana Impact Framework in our glossary.