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Posted on Sunday September 21, 2014

History Education Pilot: Historiana Learning

The objective of the Historiana learning section is to stimulate the re-use of digitised heritage, especially that made available through Europeana, in history education.

What: a digital learning resource for History Education
Aimed at: history students (14+) and their educators
Made by: EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators, Webtic Consultancy, Usemedia and EUROCLIO's community of history educators

In order to achieve this, EUROCLIO is working together with Webtic and an international community of history educators who work as professional volunteers on the creation of (online) learning activities.

Within the learning section, history educators can search a set of sources that are pre-selected by their relevance for history education, their quality and their license (that should allow for re-use in education). These sources can be searched by source type, people, locations and time. This set of sources includes newspapers, postcards, posters, diaries, music, monuments, official documents and newsreels, and they come from a range of digital collections from across Europe.

The learning section will result in the first tools that educators can use to make their own online learning activities to make best use of the digitised heritage. The two designs – one focused on the critical analysis of visual sources, the other on the work with multiple sources – contribute to the innovation of history education and use new technologies to promote historical and critical thinking skills.

The learning section will also contain learning activities that will be featured on the Historiana website as an example of how to implement certain teaching methods, overcome teaching challenges and/or how to promote the students' acquisition of historical thinking skills. The learning activities provide all the information needed for the students and their teachers to implement the activity in practice.

The examplar educational resources will focus on the First World War, but EUROCLIO is committed to developing resources on other key moments and developments in history, as well as new tools. The combination of free access and quality control will provide a unique social value for all stakeholders.

Tools created for the Learning section of

An impression of the tools created for the learning section of
(CC BY-SA Europeana Creative)

A visual project summary (still in beta).
(CC BY-SA Europeana Creative)