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Posted on Wednesday December 17, 2014


Hispana is a gateway to Spanish cultural and scientific digital artefacts drawn from repositories all over Spain.

It began in September 2005 as an initiative of the Library Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Three years later, when Europeana was launched, it became the Spanish national cross-domain aggregator for Europeana.

As of September 2014, there are more than 2,240,000 records from Hispana in Europeana – that’s 85% of the overall Spanish data contribution. This makes Hispana the second largest Europeana data provider after The European Library.

Due to the large number of libraries contributing to Hispana, 81.8% of the digital objects are textual, and only 17.9% are images. Audio and video account for only 0.3%. Hispana chose to implement the Europeana API in its portal to provide multimedia resources from other cultural institutions alongside its own collections.

Maria-Luisa Martinez-Conde, Project Manager says: ‘The Europeana API gave us a new way of enriching our collection searches with relevant content.’