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Introduction to the guides

Creating a business is not as hard as you would imagine but to have a chance of succeeding in the longer-term you need to understand the fundamentals of business. We’d like to help you by introducing the main steps and concepts needed to develop your busin

We have created a short series of six guides that we hope will do this – starting from an idea to potentially pitching a successful proposal to a future investor. Examples from creatives just like you are used along the way. Although we cannot guarantee you success we can provide the knowledge and confidence to increase your chances of being so.

The guides cover the following topics related to starting up a business:

1. What is a business model and how do the common models work?
Length: ~9 minutes

This guide explains what a business model is and why it is important for all businesses to have a business model. It provides a brief history of business models and goes on to look at a range of examples.

2. How do I use the Business Model Canvas to contextualise my idea?
Length: ~11 minutes

This guides introduces the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and explains what the different sections of it are. It focuses on why it is an important tool for new businesses and features two examples from the Europeana Creative project where the BMC was applied.

3. How and why should I create a business vision and strategy for my business?
Length: ~11 minutes

This guide explains what a business vision is, why it is useful and looks at some examples. It goes on to explore how a business strategy can help to achieve the business vision and how to go about creating one. Finally, it focuses on a variety of analysis tools that are helpful to use when developing a business strategy.

4. What is a business plan and how to I create one for my business?
Length: ~17 minutes

This guide covers the fundamentals of writing a business plan and the information it needs to contain. It outlines the structure of the business plan and provides practical advice on how to complete the crucially important parts of the document.

5. What kind of financial support options are there for my business?
Length: ~10 minutes

This guide explores the various types of financial support available to businesses. It looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options.

6. How do I develop a pitch to attract investment for my business?
Length: ~14 minutes

This guide explains what an elevator pitch is and focuses on how to develop a strong pitch deck for investors. It sets out the key components of the pitch deck slides and provides advice on how to prepare for delivering your pitch to investors.

All the guides have been designed for you using the knowledge and experience gained in the Europeana Creative project. A number of sources have been used to develop the content and they are referenced during the video and found in the “Sources and additional information” detailed on each guide’s page. We’d encourage you to explore these to further your knowledge on each subject area.

Whilst we have covered a number of important topics in the guides it is by no means everything you need to know. However, with this foundation of knowledge it should provide you with enough confidence to explore other subject matters, such as forming a company, tax obligations and finding premises for your company for example.