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Posted on Saturday November 1, 2014

Europeana Art Advisory Board (2016-2018)

The advisory board behind Europeana Art was dedicated to helping the online collection thrive and grow.

The advisory board behind Europeana Art was set up in early 2016 to launch the 'Europeana Art History Collections' thematic online collection and help it thrive and grow. We wanted it to reach everyone interested in engaging with European art in all its facets.

Our job was to provide counsel and guidance on how to make Europeana Art reach its goals, to invite new partners to share their art collections with Europe’s online users, and to suggest new opportunities and pathways for using and enjoying the collection on the world wide web.

Since then, as a result of our efforts, Europeana's range of thematic collections has grown from four to twelve. In addition, there are over a dozen Generic Services projects which will contribute (and make demands on) Europeana's digital services in the period 2018-2020. As a consequence, Europeana is transitioning to a more holistic approach of publishing and promoting Europeana Collections, emphasising the whole rather than individual components.

The role of the Board was successfully accomplished and came to an end in August 2018. We thank the Board members for all their contributions over the past two years. Their collective support and expert advice was invaluable and instrumental in making Europeana Art the success it is today.

A christening by Michael Ancher, 1883-1888, Ribe Kunstmuseum, CC BY 4.0


Advisory Board Members

Jennifer BeauloyeCompany: ICOM BelgiumCountry: BelgiumDomain: GLAM
Michal CudrnákCompany: Slovak national galleryCountry: SlovakiaDomain: GLAM
Siina HälikkäCompany: Finnish National GalleryCountry: FinlandDomain: GLAM
Conxa RodàCompany: National Museum of Art of CataloniaCountry: SpainDomain: GLAM
Saskia ScheltjensCompany: RijksmuseumCountry: NetherlandsDomain: GLAM
Antje SchmidtCompany: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe HamburgCountry: GermanyDomain: GLAM
Douglas McCarthyCompany: Europeana FoundationCountry: NetherlandsDomain: GLAM