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Posted on Tuesday December 8, 2020

Updated on Tuesday June 20, 2023

Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary Services

Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary Services is an online mapping tool for interlinking metadata terms with Linked Open Data resources. The tool was developed under the Europeana Generic Services project Europeana Archaeology.

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Valentinianus I. und Valens


The Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary Services tool supports data partners in mapping and linking the terms used in their datasets to Linked Open Data resources. It enables users to more easily enrich metadata using linked open data sources, making a higher quality contribution to Europeana website and supporting the improvement of the discoverability and multilinguality of their content.

Benefits of the platform

  • Provides an easy connection to Open Data Vocabularies

  • Ensures that all content and metadata enriched by the tools complies with the Europeana Data Model (EDM) format.

  • Enables users to upload, extract from, enrich and explore EDM datasets, as well as create and import vocabulary mappings. 

Technical information 

The tool was developed under open source standard and the code source can be found on Github

Use the platform

To learn more and use Europeana Archaeology Mapping Tool visit the website and contact the project partners.