Cultural heritage has a crucial role to play in education. The digital collections of Europeana provide multiple perspectives on historical, scientific and cultural developments across Europe and beyond. We want to bring this source of knowledge to every learner, educator or educational organisation so that they can experience the pedagogical potential of digital cultural heritage and build new 21st century skills. Explore how on this page. 

Resources and activities

Education Community
Title: Toothbrush drill at School
Date: 1920
Institution: Wellcome Collection
Country: United Kingdom

Education Community

We bring together all those who believe that Europe’s digital cultural heritage has an important role to play in education and want to work with us to embed Europeana in education.

Title: landing page
Creator: Historiana
Date: 2021


An online learning platform which supports the use of cultural heritage collections in education.

Europeana Classroom

A selection of educational resources using digital culture for educators, learners and parents, available on 

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Title: [Aula d'escola]
Creator: Desconegut
Date: 1930/1935
Institution: Ajuntament de Girona
Country: Spain
Public Domain

Europeana MOOC ‘Digital Education with Cultural Heritage’

 Learn new skills and develop your knowledge through online teaching.

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Title: Spel "Robot"
Creator: Jumbo
Date: 1955
Institution: Deventer Museum
Country: Netherlands

Webinars and videos

ESACH Talks! Museums, Art and Cultural Heritage
Title: Image obtained from ESACH

ESACH Talks! Museums, Art and Cultural Heritage

Raul Gomez Hernandez, Collections Engagement Intern at Europeana Foundation, discusses promoting diversity and inclusion with digital collections through #reinventingBeethoven. 


We aim to bring the knowledge of Europe’s cultural heritage collections to every learner and educator in Europe in formal and non-formal education. To make that possible we are building partnerships with ministries of education, associations and networks working on education at European level, as well as edtechs that integrate Europeana content to design new educational products and services. If you would like to work with us please get in contact with Isabel Crespo at

Ministries of Education

European Associations and Networks


Latest news

Supporting educators with the Open Content Toolkit
Title: Panó Dívka s kopretinou
Creator: Mucha Alfons Kocourek Ondřej, Urbánek Gabriel
Date: 1801-1-1
Institution: Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze
Country: Czech Republic
Public Domain

Supporting educators with the Open Content Toolkit

Created: 13 April 2021

The Open Content Toolkit highlights openly licensed digital resources and content from around the world and encourages educators to use them in the classroom. We interview its creator, Europeana Education community member Theo Kuechel, about how the Toolkit can be used by teachers and the inspiration that he draws from Europeana.