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Posted on Wednesday March 21, 2018


Directors are responsible for setting strategy, financial sustainability and positioning Europeana as a networked, innovative, trustworthy organisation.

How do the directors make decisions?

First of all, we try to not be the decision-makers for everything. Most decisions should be decided by line managers, product owners, business owners or other colleagues. For strategic matters and when colleagues escalate to us for decision-making, we present our positions and argue them until we come to a consensus. There’s give and take in doing so. If we can’t agree, then our Executive Director decides - until the new Exec Director is announced, that’s Harry. We have weekly meetings, alternating between a focus on strategy and operations.

Which line managers report to which director?

Teams reporting to the Executive Director (interim - Harry):
⇒ Reuser Services, Directors, MS Liaison Officer

Teams reporting to the Deputy Director (Harry):
⇒ End-user (Collections), Marketing and Communications, Network and Sustainability, and Programme and Policy

Teams reporting to the Technical Director (Jianrong):
⇒ Data Partner Services, Product Ownership and Design, Research and Development, Software Development and Infrastructure

Teams reporting to the Business Operations Director (Albert):
⇒ People and Business Support