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Design Pilot

The Design Pilot connects the cultural heritage offered by Europeana to open design communities of craft and media designers.

The aim of the Design Pilot is to connect the cultural heritage made available by Europeana to designers, artists and practitioners who wish to use cultural heritage objects as sources for new, derivative designs.

The Design Pilot has four main strands of activities:

1. A design prototype that offers an online tool to search and explore content in Europeana through colours, patterns and forms instead of more traditional text based search provided by the current Europeana portal.

2. Design experiments and examples that aim to stimulate and inspire professional designers, artists and practitioners – and creative industries in general – to creatively re-use Europeana content.

3. Facilitation of digital fabrication and hands-on workshops under the theme Redesign your cultural heritage! where designers, artists and practitioners can explore open digital cultural heritage accessible via Europeana and create together new designs and artefacts.

4. An Open Culture event and exhibition that is organized in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark.

Culture Cam

The design prototype Culture Cam is developed by Danish design company Spild af Tid in collaboration with Aalto University, Austrian Institute of Technology and Europeana.

The online tool offers designers, artists and all creative people the possibility of exploring and accessing Europeana in a fun, playful and intuitive way by using a webcam. Take a photo of any object, texture ­– or even yourself – with your webcam and Culture Cam will provide you with a set of images that are similar in color, shape or pattern.

// Access and explore Europeana in a fun and playful way with your webcam on

This set of images comes from selected image collections that are available via Europeana and Europeana Labs.

Use Culture Cam for inspiration for your creative works, dive into our common cultural heritage and feel free to reuse heritage content as sources for new derivative designs and art artefacts. All items in the collection of Culture Cam are under public domain, or copyrights have expired.

Exhibiton version of Culture Cam

In May 2015 Culture Cam will be exhibited as a large-scale interactive installation in National Gallery of Denmark with the aim of removing Europeana content from the digital platform into a tactile, emotional and immersive exhibition space.

The installation will be built of "Bobinette" screens, a textile fabric ideal for projection due to the great spatial effect. Webcams will be placed within the installation capturing the visitor who will then browse and explore in a highly tactile and interactive way Europeana content based on what he/she is wearing – yellow pants, a striped shirt, a floral dress etc.