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Posted on Tuesday February 17, 2015

Copyright Reform

Find out more about the current activity around copyright reform and how we represent the Europeana Network.

2015 A commitment to make copyright rules fit for the digital age by President Juncker #DigitalAgenda

With a newly elected Council in 2014, came a revived dedication to reform EU Copyright rules.

We will update this page with more information about copyright reform as it evolves.

2014 EU Public Consultation of Copyright Rules

The Commission launched a public consultation on EU copyright rules in December 2013. Europeana consulted our Board and Network and responded with a consensus based position.

You can read more about how we developed the response on behalf of Europes Cultural Heritage Instituions.

2013 Licences for Europe

In 2013 The European Commission launched the Licences for Europe intiative, a forum for stakeholder dialogue to “deliver rapid progress in bringing content online through practical industry‐led solutions”.
Licences for Europe aims to engage stakeholders in four areas:
1 Cross‐border access and the portability of services;
2 User‐generated content and licensing;
3 Audiovisual sector and cultural heritage; and,
4 Text and Data Mining (TDM).

The working groups joined forces to make ten pledges to help address the issues they have been discussing.