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The #AllezCulture campaign brings the cultural heritage sector together to promote the role of Europeana in the digital transformation of Europe.  Join the conversation at #AllezCulture on Facebook.

Ten years ago, the European Union was inspired by its Member States to make a bold statement  - that access to our cultural heritage online is too important to leave to market forces - and Europeana was born.

Today, the Europeana initiative provides a platform where everyone can freely access tens of millions of items from thousands of cultural heritage institutions online, for education, research, creativity and pleasure. But, over the past decade, it has also become more than a portal – it is a movement for change.

With a goal to transform the world with culture, Europeana aims not just to open doors to content but to open minds to new possibilities. It has become an engine that drives collaboration and innovation through a Europe-wide community, leading the world in common standards and empowering others to discover, learn, contribute and create. Europeana is digital transformation in action and #AllezCulture brings the cultural heritage sector together to promote that.

The use of the #AllezCulture hashtag makes allies of organisations and individuals who are passionate about supporting digital cultural heritage efforts in Europe. In the past, this has included calls to action (like our 2013 petition and Dreams campaign and 2017 #AllezLiterature campaign), and ongoing encouragement for people to share news about cultural heritage and examples of good practice.

Latest activities

The European Union is now entering a new era of digital transformation. Alongside this, the New European Agenda for Culture builds on the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and aims to weave culture into the fabric of Europe’s future. It is vital for the cultural heritage sector that digital culture secures its place within that future. #AllezCulture activities can help the cultural heritage sector to present a unified front, voicing our belief that digital heritage is not just important but crucial to the future of the European Union.

One way to join in is to sign, and encourage your organisation to sign, the Berlin Call To Action, asserting that you ‘stand ready to take up our shared responsibility to unfold the cohesive power and potential of our shared cultural heritage to advance a more peaceful, prosperous, inclusive and just Europe.’

The Berlin Call To Action is an initiative supported by Europeana and spearheaded by EUROPA NOSTRA – the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe; the German Cultural Heritage Committee (DNK) acting as national coordinator of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Germany and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK) based in Berlin.

Activities towards the end of 2018 will celebrate a decade of transforming the world with culture as Europeana marks ten years since its first collections went live online.

Why support Europeana?

Europeana is at the cutting edge of opening up data and access to digital cultural heritage because we are committed to:

  • Equality: We make Europe’s digital cultural heritage available to anyone to use for work, learning or pleasure.

  • Connection: Discovering a shared heritage via Europeana brings people together and makes lives richer.

  • Transformation: Material from Europeana Collections can be used to illustrate, invigorate and innovate in education, academic research and the creative industries.

  • Reliability: All material in Europeana Collections is presented in a standardised way with internationally recognised rights statements so you know where it comes from and what you can do with it.

  • Innovation: Europeana is a leader in the open culture movement in Europe, with innovation and collaboration at its core.

Europeana thereby fuels and inspires Europe's digital economy by promoting cultural and social innovation - a key part of Europe's Single Market going digital.

So whether you are a researcher, a teacher, a developer, a small business or a European citizen, our vast cultural resource is open to inspire you to explore, learn, create and innovate.