Europeana aggregators

Aggregators work with cultural heritage institutions to gather authentic, trustworthy and robust data and make it accessible through Europeana. Through the Europeana Aggregators' Forum, they work to exchange the knowledge and best practice that supports their work. Explore these pages to find an aggregator.

Domain & thematic

Domain & thematic aggregators define their scope by cultural sector (such as museum, archive or library) or by topic and theme (such as fashion). They work with contributors based in different European countries.

National & regional

National & regional aggregators define their scope by specific country or region. They work with contributors situated within that country or region.

News from the Europeana Aggregators' Forum

How we’re working to make sure culture is for everyone, in any language
Title: Engels
Date: 1946-01-29
Institution: Museon
Country: Netherlands
How we’re improving the quality of the material in Europeana Collections
Title: 22.0 IBM Diverse maskiner
Date: 1979
Institution: Telemuseet
Country: Norway

How we’re improving the quality of the material in Europeana Collections

Created: 20 September 2019

There are tens of millions of items on Europeana Collections but we know that not all of them are easy to find or easy to use and that can be frustrating. So we’re working hard to improve that. 

How easy an item is to find or to use depends in part on the types and quality of the information we have about it. This post looks at how Europeana is supporting cultural heritage institutions to improve the digital files (content) and the accompanying information (metadata) that they provide for both new and existing collections.