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Posted on Thursday April 5, 2018

About the Playbook

The stuff in here is based on our experiences, but it’s not set in stone (web copy is really easy to update!). Got a better way of doing something? Shout out!

What’s in this Playbook?

We start with some general principles - ‘A bit about how we think’ - that will bring us together and help us all to be focused on the same things.

After that, there are more specific guidelines and processes covering different parts of the organisation or different ways of working together - ‘A bit about how we work’. In there, there’s information about things like how to run a meeting, our information-sharing ‘Hitchcock’ sessions, and how decisions are made, and the methodology (called Agile) some teams use on a day-to-day basis.

Then we go on to describe each of the teams within Europeana and what they do. Each section is written by a different team, so you’ll see they vary in style and personality - just like they do in real life. There are also links to everyone’s contact details.

Is there jargon in this Playbook? We’ve tried to avoid it as best we can but yes. Especially in the software development team’s section. It’s not because they’re a secretive clique, it’s because acronyms and tech-speak make up a large part of their lexicon. And if you don’t understand it, you probably don’t need to. If you think you might need to, then go ahead and seek out a member of the team responsible and demand an explanation.

For commonly used terms, you can check out the Glossary of Terms on Pro.

There’s a lot of information in this Playbook. Too much to read in one go. But do take the time to read the whole thing, even the sections that don’t directly apply to you, so you have an understanding of why and how we are doing what we’re doing.

What’s not in this Playbook?

This isn’t the HR handbook - Europeana Foundation staff looking for what to do about taking holidays, sick leave and things like that, should go into Synergy and look for the Employee Handbook. (And for staff working outside the Netherlands, e.g. from the British Library,  check your own HR documentation).

There’s a lot of information in here, but it’s not exhaustive. If you think there’s something missing and that the Playbook would be all the better for its inclusion, please check with a few people to see if they agree, then add it, or ask the person who has the relevant knowledge to do so.