Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth

Υπουργείου Παιδείας, Πολιτισμού, Αθλητισμού και Νεολαίας της Κύπρου CMOEC

27 Ifigenias Street Strovolos Nicosia Cyprus

The national aggregator for Cyprus is based in Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth with the initials CMOEC. It is supported by open-source software. It is a national initiative and is currently harvesting collections from a variety of cultural heritage institutions, as well as academic institutions in Cyprus.

In addition to data publication, CMOEC offers:

  • Annual training performed by the aggregator's team: during the training, all participants are presented with new tools and hands-on sessions,

  • Metadata submission via OAI-PMH, or FTP server,

  • Data mapping in EDM,

  • Data enrichment,

  • Feedback report to participants,

  • Helpdesk by email and phone.

Technical conditions for working with CMOEC:

  • A participant CHI must have the ability to provide an OAI-PMH endpoint or exportation of their records in XML files so that the aggregator can proceed in harvesting and mapping the data collected, 

  • The data format is preferably in Dublin Core schemas.

In addition:

  • Aggregator strongly advises all CHIs to provide good quality and well-documented content and generally keep enriching their collections so as to keep the accessibility at high levels,

  • Aggregator encourages participants to maintain open access and free reuse policy on their content so as to keep the datasets as open as possible to everyone,

  • Aggregator advises participants to keep up with Europeana's strategies, policies and technological upgrades so as to keep an effective workflow on their data in terms of publishing in Europeana.

Limitations: None. The aggregator is working with public and private CHIs.

Financial conditions: None.