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Network Association Members

Say hello to your colleagues from all across Europe.

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Regenten en regentessen van het leprozenhuis te Amsterdam - Kruseman, Jan Adam



Public Domain
Regenten en regentessen van het leprozenhuis te Amsterdam, 1834-35 | Kruseman, Jan Adam, Public Domain

You are part of a wide community
Whatever your field of expertise, whatever the problem is that you are trying to solve, there are people in the Network Association facing the same questions and challenges. Within the network, you can find like-minded people and tackle common issues together.

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The more you share, the greater the response. You can 'raise' your profile by sending a photo, short bio, and contact information to Tamara van Hulst. This will help us improve communication and engagement within the Network Association, so that you get the most out of your involvement with Europeana.

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Download the Excel file, which is updated the first week of every month, to see the full list of members. Much more than a directory - this is your gateway to conversations, opportunities and creativity.

Anastasia AkermanCompany: Self EmployedCountry: United KingdomDomain: GLAM
Emel Gülşah AkınCompany: Anadolu UniversityCountry: TurkeyDomain: Academic Research
Maria AkritidouCompany: Centre for the Greek LanguageCountry: GreeceDomain: Education
Semih AktekinCompany: EUROCLIO - European Association of History EducatorsCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Education
Hanna-Kaisa AlanenCompany: Ornamo Art and Design FinlandCountry: FinlandDomain: Academic Research
Cristina AlbuCompany: University of BucharestCountry: RomaniaDomain: Education
Teresa AlbuquerqueCompany: Casa de Mateus, Cultural Center of the NorthCountry: PortugalDomain: GLAM
Carlos AlcobiaCompany: Buinho Creative HubCountry: PortugalDomain: Creative industries
Susana Alegre LandaburuCompany: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport SpainCountry: SpainDomain: Government
Nadezhda AleksievaCompany: Second English Language High shoolCountry: BulgariaDomain: Education
Ivan AlexievCompany: Akindin picturesCountry: BulgariaDomain: Creative industries
Vladimir AlexievCompany: OntotextCountry: BulgariaDomain: Creative industries
Patricia AlfheimCompany: PiqlCountry: NorwayDomain: GLAM
Silvia AlfreiderCompany: Lo Cloud - NRA (Norway)Country: NorwayDomain: GLAM
Florence AlibertCompany: University of AngersCountry: FranceDomain: Academic Research
Agnes AljasCompany: Estonian National MuseumCountry: EstoniaDomain: GLAM
Henk AlkemadeCompany: Cultural Heritage Agency of the NetherlandsCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Other
Sam AlloingCompany: National Library of the NetherlandsCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Other
Hera AlmpanoudiCompany: PostScriptumCountry: GreeceDomain: GLAM
Raúl Alonso SáezCompany: Ministry of Culture SpainCountry: SpainDomain: Government
Lula AlvarezCompany: IndependentCountry: DenmarkDomain: Creative industries
Md Ashraful AminCompany: Independent University BangladeshCountry: BangladeshDomain: Education
Susanna ÅnäsCompany: Open Knowledge FinlandCountry: FinlandDomain: Other
Marianna AnastasiouCompany: The Friends of Music Society, Music Library of Greece Lilian VoudouriCountry: GreeceDomain: GLAM