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Network Association Members

Say hello to your colleagues from all across Europe.

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Regenten en regentessen van het leprozenhuis te Amsterdam - Kruseman, Jan Adam



Public Domain
Regenten en regentessen van het leprozenhuis te Amsterdam, 1834-35 | Kruseman, Jan Adam, Public Domain

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Whatever your field of expertise, whatever the problem is that you are trying to solve, there are people in the Network Association facing the same questions and challenges. Within the network, you can find like-minded people and tackle common issues together.

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Florian WindhagerCompany: Danube University KremsCountry: AustriaDomain: Academic Research
Dov WinerCompany: Jewish Heritage NetworkCountry: The NetherlandsDomain: Education
Wiebke WinklerCompany: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e. V., The Green Political FoundationCountry: GermanyDomain: GLAM
Billy WirasnikCompany: Slo MediaCountry: United StatesDomain: Creative industries
Bengt WittgrenCompany: Västernorrland County MuseumCountry: SwedenDomain: GLAM
Ryan WittingslowCompany: University of GroningenCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Academic Research
Agnieszka WolakCompany: National Audiovisual Institute PolandCountry: PolandDomain: GLAM
Britta WolderingCompany: German National LibraryCountry: GermanyDomain: GLAM
Christina WolfCompany: Landesarchiv Baden-WürttembergCountry: GermanyDomain: GLAM
Patrina WoutersCompany: Europeana FoundationCountry: NetherlandsDomain: GLAM
Richard WrightCompany: Presto series of projectCountry: United KingdomDomain: Other
Holly WrightCompany: Archaeology Data ServiceCountry: United KingdomDomain: GLAM
Thorsten WübbenaCompany: German Center for the History of Art Paris (Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte Paris)Country: FranceDomain: Other
Ulrich WünschCompany: SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk)Country: GermanyDomain: Education
Herbert W. WursterCompany: Archiv des Bistums PassauCountry: GermanyDomain: GLAM
Peder WuthCompany: Louisiana MoMACountry: DenmarkDomain: GLAM
Ulrike WuttkeCompany: University of Applied Sciences PotsdamCountry: GermanyDomain: Education
Jolan WuytsCompany: Europeana FoundationCountry: NetherlandsDomain: GLAM
Liam WyattCompany: Europeana FoundationCountry: NetherlandsDomain: GLAM
Martin WynneCompany: University of OxfordCountry: United KingdomDomain: Education
Roxanne WynsCompany: LIBIS - KU LeuvenCountry: BelgiumDomain: GLAM
Donika XhemajliCompany: LSS Faik KonicaCountry: KosovoDomain: Education
Fatmiroshe XhemalajCompany: EUROCLIO - Albania HTA "Youth and History"Country: AlbaniaDomain: Education
Pinar YelmiCompany: Koc UniversityCountry: TurkeyDomain: Education