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Posted on Tuesday September 1, 2020

Updated on Friday September 25, 2020

Deadline 9 October 2020
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Advisory Board Member, 4 positions

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Title: Royal arms of England and devices of Henry VIII from BL Royal 8 G VII, ff. 2v-3 | Josquin des Prez, Pierre de la Rue and others

Institution: The British Library

Country: United Kingdom

Public Domain

About Europeana Foundation’s Governance

The Europeana Foundation is based in The Hague, Netherlands, and has around 60 dedicated staff members representing 20 different nationalities. The organisation is currently steered by a Governing Board of 20 experts from cultural and scientific heritage organisations across Europe and led by Harry Verwayen, Executive Director. 

To ensure its operations continue to run smoothly and effectively, the Europeana Foundation is changing its governance structure. The change in governance will see the current governing board become a board of directors and a Supervisory Board, complemented and supported by an Advisory Board. The new structure will better represent the cultural heritage sector in all its diversity, creating a stronger two-way link between the Foundation and the sector. This will put the Foundation in a better position to support the cultural heritage sector to build capacity for digital transformation.

To that aim, the Europeana Foundation is looking for candidates to join and complement its Advisory Board. 

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board members: 

  • Are passionately committed to the advancement of digital cultural heritage;
  • Feel strongly connected to the Foundation’s vision and mission;
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility, integrity and ethics;
  • Are prepared to commit time and engagement to the work of the Advisory Board;
  • Have the ability to inspire and motivate;
  • Have networks relevant to the work of the Foundation;
  • Are prepared to foster the networking potential of the Foundation; 
  • Are ambassadors and advocates of our work and act in the best interests of the Foundation and its stakeholders;
  • Contribute to the Foundation’s strategic direction and focus and its vision and mission;
  • Act as a bridge between the Foundation and their respective domain/constituency.

The Advisory Board members prepare for the Advisory Board meetings, attend at least two virtual or physical meetings per year, and participate in the activities and the work of the Board actively and conscientiously.

The roles on the Europeana Foundation Advisory Board are voluntary, unpaid positions. The remuneration of the members of the Advisory Board is restricted to an expense allowance or a minimum attendance fee. 

The initial term will be for four years with the possibility for renewal for a second term of four years.

Previous experience in advisory boards is an advantage.

Vacant positions

The Europeana Foundation is currently seeking Advisory Board members to fill four vacant positions. Other vacancies on the Advisory Board for new profiles in other areas of expertise may open later. The requirements for the four profiles as outlined below are not restrictive: we are interested in hearing from any candidate who would bring passion, intellect, expertise and experience to the Board. Please note that these roles are for advisory rather than operational positions.

1. Expert - digital strategies profile  - Ref. EFAB2004   

Profile: Has a solid understanding of information technology, new media, innovation and digital strategies and culture. Understands digital transformation and innovation design processes, preferably in the cultural heritage sector. Is a thought leader. Connections in the cultural heritage sector or at EU level, and strong diplomatic skills are an advantage. Knowledge of or experience in 3D digitisation/preservation of cultural heritage artefacts, monuments and sites is an advantage.

Role description: Supports and guides the Europeana Foundation’s aspiration to strengthen the sustainability, innovation capacity and digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector. Helps develop insights to bring together the Foundation’s goals with stakeholder, partner and user needs. Helps develop insight into Europeana’s technological innovations in order that they contribute to authentic, trustworthy and traceable cultural heritage on the web. Guides the Foundation and helps develop insight on innovative 3D technologies for access to and digital preservation of cultural heritage artefacts, monuments and sites.

2. Expert - copyright and open data profile - Ref. EFAB2005  

Profile: Has solid understanding of digital policy, copyright, technology and cultural heritage. Advises on the Foundation’s copyright policies with the intent that they align with the needs of the inclusive digital cultural heritage society. Having connections in the cultural heritage sector or at EU level, and strong diplomatic skills are an advantage.

Role description: Helps develop insights into and guides the Foundation in Europeana's Public Domain Charter, the Europeana Licensing Framework, the Europeana Publication Framework and other copyright standards. Advocates for open data in digital cultural heritage.

3. Expert - Cultural heritage institution profile - Ref. EFAB2006  

Profile: Represents an influential institution with a digital change track record. Is senior within her/his own organisation. Is well-connected, well-networked and influential in the cultural heritage sector. Has a solid understanding of digital cultural heritage and digital transformation. 

Role description: Supports the Foundation in its ambitions to drive capacity building for the digital transformation of the sector. Advises on the Foundation’s core work in operating the Europeana service and delivering the Europeana strategy and Europeana DSI projects.

4. Expert - User oriented profile - Ref. EFAB2007  

Profile: Has a user-centered approach to digital cultural heritage and solid understanding of user experience design, human-computer interaction and audience engagement. Preferably has first-hand knowledge of the needs of several relevant user communities, for example  in the fields of education, digital humanities research and creative industries. Having connections in the cultural heritage sector or at EU level, and strong diplomatic skills are an advantage.

Role description: Provides guidance on audience relationship development. Advises on the Europeana user experience and audience engagement strategies.


How to apply

To apply, please send your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter by 17:00 CEST on 9 October 2020 to, quoting the reference for the specific position you are applying for.

The Europeana Foundation is committed to principles of diversity, inclusivity, nondiscriminatory practice  and equal opportunity for all applicants.