Posted on Friday June 24, 2016

Updated on Monday September 11, 2017

Workshop “Co-museums, Co-design, Archiving and Participation”

Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes
08018 Barcelona

Platoniq and Europeana, with support from ICUB (Barcelona City Council), prepared a workshop for the co-creation of new cultural prototypes at the Design Museum of Barcelona. The workshop “Co-museums, Co-design, Archiving and Participation” will take place on 30 June and 1 July.

Well-known pieces from the Museum of Design will be used during the event, including Rafael Marquina’s Setrilleres (cruet or condiment vessels), silicone steam roasters (bowls or vessels) by Compeixalaigua Design studio, and the legendary BKF chair by Grupo Austral. These objects are all available through Europeana and are openly licensed.

During the workshop, Platoniq’s methodology for co-creation will be applied. The event is open to everyone: museum and archives staff, culture professionals, cultural managers, designers, programmers and anyone interested in digital or digitized heritage.

To register for the event, go here.