Posted on Wednesday September 8, 2021

Updated on Thursday September 9, 2021

UNESCO 2nd Memory of the World Global Policy Forum

Join this event, focusing on disaster risk reduction and management for sustainable preservation of documentary heritage. 

Collage of images from manuscripts and paintings
Title: Copyright UNESCO/Athina Gkouma
21 — 22 September 2021

Disasters have been the major cause of destruction of the world’s documentary heritage, ranging from ancient manuscripts to bureaucratic documents to audiovisual materials. The risk of natural and man-made hazards has only increased in recent years due to climate change. Losing documentary heritage items means losing not only the memories and heritage of local communities, but also that of humanity at large. Memory institutions such as archives, libraries and museums are in need of solid disaster preparedness and response plans to effectively handle future crises.

This Forum aims to build the momentum towards articulating a global policy framework for disaster risk reduction and management as a means to sustainable preservation of documentary heritage.

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