Understanding Disaster Risk for Digital Heritage

In 2012, hurricane Sandy caused multiple fatalities and more than 6 million homes and businesses experienced prolonged power outages, resulting in billions of dollars of losses in the form of digital assets.

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7 June 2021

Equally alarming is that 60% of small- and medium-sized businesses experienced a loss or theft of sensitive data in the last 12 months, and the cost of IT downtime was $700 billion3 in 2015. Disasters such as these result in significant losses of digital assets, which also includes digital heritage.

As part of ICCROM’s new ‘Sustaining Digital Heritage’ initiative, this webinar will promote a better understanding of disaster risk for digital heritage. Noted speakers from the fields of heritage risk reduction, archives, and digital asset management will share their experiences and expertise, and discuss how to prevent large-scale disruption and significant data loss.

Their aim is to build ground for a lively discussion by using interactive features such as live polls and a Q&A format.


  • Aparna Tandon
  • Maria Guercia


  • Kara Van Malssen
  • Brecht Declercq
  • Herwig Bogaert
  • Kelly Hazejager

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