Posted on Thursday June 17, 2021

Updated on Wednesday June 30, 2021

Digital Spring Programme 2021: The potential contribution of the European Association of Professors Emeriti to education

This presentation explores mentoring and how to encourage young people into higher education. 


The European Association of Professors Emeriti (EAPE) was formed in October 2016 with the aim of bringing together University teachers from divergent disciplines in Europe, addressing current educational needs. They work towards: 

  • Proposals to European authorities related to higher graduate and post-graduate education and offering courses to the general public, the expression of opinion for improvements on the above areas. 
  • The exchange of knowledge and ideas on various scientific fields. 
  • The active cooperation among scientists via the organisation of meetings, symposia or conferences of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural interests and the creation of a think tank. 
  • Events including their first international Congress under the general theme “The Capital of knowledge” in May-June 2019. A book was produced from the proceedings.

In this presentation, speakers discuss working with and encouraging disadvantaged students, and mentoring. The presentation is addressed to colleagues teaching at university level and students. This event took place on 29 June 2021. 


  • Dennis V. Cokkinos, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens, Greece moderator-brief introduction.
  • Les Ebdon,  Professor Emeritus, University of Bedfordshire, UK.
  • Liv Mjelde, Professor Emeritus,  Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway