Posted on Tuesday June 15, 2021

Updated on Wednesday June 30, 2021

Digital Spring Programme 2021: The Digital Atlas of European Costume and Dress

This presentation provides an overview of the Digital Atlas of European Textiles and Dress, a database developed under the COST Dissemination fan. 


The Digital Atlas is one of the most important deliverables in the COST CA 19131 (European Cooperation in Science Technology) action entitled 'EuroWeb. Europe Through Textiles: Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities.' The Euroweb project, drafted and won by an international team working under the auspices of the Centre for Textile Research at the Saxo Institute (University of Copenhagen) in August 2020, is currently managed by Dr. Agata Ulanowska, member of the Faculty of Archeology, University of Warsaw. The project will run for four years and bring together more than 200 textile specialists from all over Europe.The aim of the Atlas is to promote the digitsation of textile resources at European level, to disseminate various textile resources and to promote international collaboration between archaeologists, museographers, ethnographers, craftsmen and artisans in a common effort of building a European textile database.

This presentation outlines the general features of the Atlas, including the types of resources that the Atlas will contain, the database structure, the map and the chronological axis associated with the database. It discusses the inherent challenges and the opportunities that such a major project brings (e.g. access to data, free redistribution of information, collaboration between institutions and project members, opportunities for dissemination of the European national textile heritage). It highlights the importance of The Digital Atlas of European Textiles and Dress, discussing the need of textile resources digitsation and dissemination in Europe in the context of the recent progress in the field of archaeological textiles in particular and historical textiles in general.

This event took place on 29 June 2021.


  • Alina Iancu
  • Catarina Costeira