Anke von Heyl, Johannes Sauter and Andrea Geipel decided to create an award for digital museum offers in Germany as a grassroot movement. This means the award is organised independently from ther positions and fulltime jobs. Starting with an initial idea, they created a website, asked five experts to be part of the jury and created a Twitter account to spread their vision. With no financial resources and a limited reach, they received an incredible 129 submissions: a colorful mix of small and large projects with a wide variety of educational concepts and media.With this initiative they want to raise awareness for the importance of digital offers and projects in museums. At the same time, they have created an overview of the diverse range of digital museum projects which can be further expanded. In a presentation followed by a discussion, they introduce the concept and discuss the advantages of such an award, why it is a good idea to start it as a grassroots movement and how further projects can be developed from it (e.g. a platform of digital offers or networking among museums).

This session took place at Europeana 2020.