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Saving Collective Visual History

Collections of analogue material that depict our collective visual history is deteriorating, with urgent need of saving for future generations. If we can’t save the analogue, we can’t digitize it.

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Title: Courtesy of Topfoto: UPI London acetate negatives – Behind the scenes at Topfoto picture library, Edenbridge

Creator: Christy Low

Date: July 2016

Country: United Kingdom

8 February 2021
15:00 — 16:00 Online

If we can’t save the analogue, we can’t digitize it. When digitized, what do we do with the original objects? Lack of funds, difficult planning and unclear post-digitization actions, without obvious benefit, make it challenging for archives to move into digital transformation. Speakers from private companies and public bodies will discuss the issues and solutions encountered by public and private photographic archives to leverage digital technologies for preservation and enhancement of heritage photographs. This discussion is aimed at institutions dedicated to cultural heritage.


  • John Balean, TopFoto
  • Erik Buelinckx, KIK-IRPA
  • David Iglésias Frank, CRDI/Girona City Archive
  • Fred Truyen, KU Leuven
  • Antonella Fresa, Photoconsortium

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