Posted on Wednesday March 24, 2021

Updated on Thursday May 6, 2021

Europeana Digital Spring Programme: Not in Public Ownership, but Available for Public Use

In this session, Bernadine Brocker Wieder holds a roundtable discussion on how to keep digital public access to works removed from museum collections. Bernadine proposes two methods for discussion on how digital technology can ensure that works are publicly available even after the gavel comes down at an auction. 

In this Europeana Digital Spring Programme session, participants explore ways in which digital technology can help ensure that objects that are removed from a library, museum, or art gallery in order to sell them, otherwise known as deaccession, are not lost to the public.

Bernadine Brocker Wieder, Founder and Chief Executive of Vastari, shares two proposals for how digital technology can ensure deaccessioned objects live on in the service of the public.

This event took place on 29 April 2021.