Posted on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Updated on Wednesday December 1, 2021

New storytelling formats in the Europeana stage

This session from Europeana 2021 explores how we can tell engaging online stories about cultural heritage collections.


The Europeana XX: Century of change project has focused on creating new and engaging storytelling formats to cast light on social, political and economical change in the 20th century.  Watch this presentation to find out more about the innovative editorial formats that have been used, including vlogs (video blogs) and podcasts focused on key moments and trailblazer figures, and hybrid and pop-up exhibitions. 

The session also offers the chance to learn about the tools the project has developed to support engagement activities, including Subtitle-a-thon, a crowdsourcing initiative which invites audiences to explore and engage with European heritage collections by creating and translating subtitles for archival audiovisual clips. Learn how to set up your own Subtitle-a-thon challenge and how it can support engagement.



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